14 Mar , 2007  

The place, was such a romantic corner. It was stunning. At a time when I hadn’t realized that romantic in Europe and romantic in Japan is a very different thing… not even that there was no road to the house changed my mind. It was (european) romantic.

And so I started. The need of renovation was undeniable. This wasn‘t a house you could live in while working on it. So I started commuting every day Yokusuka Yokohama, back and forth back and forth.



The concept was clear from the very beginning. We wanted to rent out the house. The size of almost 60 sqm. and the average apartment size in Tokyo implied a cut thru the house and making 2 out of 1. It became a vertical cut and the apartments became so called “maison” type.

This was the first time that I stripped a house by my own. The walls like tin cans made it possible.


The job itself was the right thing to calm down after 15 years in AD agencies.


And this happened as well: Studiing the object and planning. The outcome: