My name is Christoph Wanzel.
I am a creator and this is my portfolio.

To create is an enormous privilege.
All human life is being designed. We create things, habits, knowledge, culture.
Culture as a product of human existence requires to create. This is what drives me as well.
Since being on this earth I want to build, make. Seeing things arise from my hands work was THE satisfying experience.
This is why I feel designated. Designated to design.
The second approach derives from the feeling to be excluded. Excluded from the access to all these admirable things created by well established manufacturers. This craving and the inaccessibility to beautiful design made me go my own way. I had to design and make the affordable.
Products and Services at high design standards, as well as quality requirements but still affordable for normal budgets like yours and mine. So my wish was to create things and solutions which I always desired to find out there on the market. Functional esthetics, affordable for everyone.