Do you know what I did last summer?


8 Oct , 2015  

Here is the story. We got 4 months. We had a house which was crap. So we needed another house to live in. This other house was located in Zushi. And we had a deadline for leaving this house: 30th of June which was 6 weeks after moving in. 6 weeks to make our own house in SHIOIRI habitable.

The house is on a mountain. No roads, no trucks. Just human power. At a temperature of 30° centigrade average, humidity 95%. Weightloss within 3 weeks: 5kg.


After 6 weeks we moved into the kitchen, where we cooked (certainly), slept, lived, played, did the homework (Noah went to school), loved (not so much):


The remaining time I finished as much as I could do. A Living room, a terrace, I installed an oven, I fixed the siding, the roof.